7 Tips For Decorating The Bedroom For Your Baby Girls

With these lovely and simple decorations for baby girls’ bedroom below, almost every parent can breathe a new life into their little angel’s haven  without any difficulties and with a tight budget.

1. Picture Frames

Pay attention to the wall of your girls’ bedroom. Make sure that you can jazz up the blank walls  by hanging some lovely and interesting pictures. Find some adorable, unique frames with various sizes, shapes and materials to make the walls in your little angels more attractive and lively. Don’t forget to use some pictures of your baby girl.

This is a simple method to decorate the bedroom that everyone can do. You should hang pictures close to your girls’ bed so that she can easily contemplate those pieces of art while lying on the bed. Picture frames should come in  cute, colorful and exclusive shapes.

If your girls have grown up a bit, you can hang pictures that mark the significant events in their  life. For example, photos of her first birthday, the first day of her at primary school, the first picture with her puppy. However, you should carefully check if the picture frames and the colors of the wall harmonize with each other aforehand.

2. Wall Clocks

A wall clock is crucial to any room, and the private space for your little princess is no exception . Nonetheless, to adults, a wall clock is only used for knowing what time it is. Still, A wall clock can be seen as a useful ornament to a child.

There are many kinds of wall clock with various shapes for you to choose. When being placed next to   the picture frames above, wall clocks will make your girl’s bedroom more artistic and easy on the eyes.

3. Curtains

If the bedroom has windows, curtains are certainly a part that can’t be ignored. Choose colorful curtains that go well with the color of your little princess’s bedroom. Some common colors for girls such are white, pink, and Spanish pink. Apart from color, curtains should be designed with lovely details like characters from cartoon, or puppies, kitties, and so on.

Some sweet, graceful remarks will make the little girl feel more relaxed and comfortable in her private room. Besides, you should listen to your little girl’s ideas when decorating her room to show your respect to her. Hence, she will be satisfied with the way her room is decorated.

4. Wall Decal Sticker

Simply decorating the bedroom by sticking decal on the walls is the task that anyone can do. Stickers shaped like animals, princesses, flowers, and puppiesare common choices for the bedroom of a baby girl. Parents should take the time to find out  the taste of their daughters. Normally, little girls are passionate about stickers that are romantic, gentle and feminine.

5. Shelf For Learning Objects

To improve your daughter’s tidiness, you have to give her a shelf to put her personal belongings on when she has no use of them . Parents should teach their baby girls how to neatly organize their things.

If you want to successfully complete this task, you need to draw  the attention of your daughter to the shelf by making it eye-catching. Not only can the shelf be a mini storage place but it can also serve as a pretty decoration for the room.

You can make a shelf yourself from wooden pads,  and paint it with light colors, and add some interesting details on it. Apart from letting you stay on your budget, self-made shelf can be better than purchased on as you can decide how it will look.

6. Handmade Paper Lamps

In our childhood, a paper lamp is very familiar. Hence, why not get our baby girls used to this kind of lamp?. The procedure for making a paper lamp is very simple. Firstly, you have to prepare thin and long steel strings, bamboo bars that can be curved, origami paper and watercolors. Secondly, conducting wires, bulb, and lamp holder are the essential parts of an handmade paper lamp.

After that, you can make a paper lamp with the ideas which meet the liking of your daughter. An exclusive and colorful handmade paper lamp with lovely shape will bring a perfect atmosphere for your baby girls’ bedroom.

7. Drawing Flowers On The Walls

This an exciting way to decorate your daughter’s room. Drawing nice flowers on the walls can give the room a new vibe as well as making it more beautiful . Furthermore, it can stimulate solidarity among family members.

Yet, bear in mind that you should practise drawing carefully before doing it on the walls. If not,  when you make a mistake,fixing it will consume a lot of money. You have to erase the wrong painting and then repaint the walls.


We have shown you 7 ways to decorate the bedroom of your daughter. They are very simple, cost-effective, but still lovely and impressive. You can make these ornaments at home with your little princess or buy them easily at any convenience store. We guarantee you that these method will fascinate your beloved daughters. Keep following our website for more useful article.